Radiant Divinity

by Don Lax 6 months ago in inspirational

a poetic triptych

New composition, recording, video and poem by Don V Lax (hurdy gurdy and violin): "Radiant Divinity" 2/9/2020 All rights reserved... The video is my reading of the 3 retreat-related poems from tonight and the previous 2 nights. The music was recorded tonight as well...

What shadow do we hide in

That separates us from infinite love?

How did our survival as a child or a species

Come between us and our own divine nature?

These contemplations may be painful, but so rich with potential

For the total transformation of my being into beauty

That I will sit with a tree and dive into the sea

Until everything can come into the light.

Today my heart cracked open

For the pain on this gentle planet

Where all the songs could be sung in harmony

If only we could listen with all of our senses in tune with our souls.

Let us be loving witnesses then, for ourselves and each other

To rise into the perfection for which we were born

Pristine prisms for all the light in the universe

That wants only to shine free forever.

d. 2.7.2020

Silver tones of moon music weave magic in the night

Calling me out into the wondrous epiphany

To dance with the beauty of the sky

Whirling with the spin of the world.

Don’t doubt this miracle

That we can live surrounded

By suffering, feeling all our pain

And still rise into joyous turning with everything.

Starting right here where we find ourselves exactly as we are

There’s a limitless journey of adventure to explore

When we realize we’re breathing in all the light

Of a universe holding us in loving embrace.

Then my heart comes into resonance

With the radiant heart of all existence

Till we are singing together with the brilliance

A million suns and moons and stars wish only to harmonize.

d. 2.8.2020

We learned the runes of our ancestors so well that we still pray

In a way that has nothing to do with true reverence

For the sacred intelligence imbued with love

That permeates all existence.

This very breath

Could take you home

Deep into the heart of beauty

Glowing with all the light of the universe.

The song of mercy and compassion flows through me

From a source beyond all comprehension

And I listen with careful devotion

To the perfection of wisdom.

Now is the time to surrender

Every idea of ourselves and each other

To the flame that burns forever through the night

Guiding us always onwards towards our radiant divinity.

d. 2.9.2020

Don Lax
Don Lax
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