Endless Ocean of Love

by Don Lax 7 months ago in inspirational

Sea of infinite light

How would it feel to float

In a golden sea of infinite light

While recognizing that this ocean of love

Is inseparable from the nature of your existence?

I’m sharing this song of interstellar harmony to open a door

Allowing the language of beauty to quietly enter

The temple that leads to the heart chamber

Gently inviting us all into resonance.

We have been waiting so long

For the time when we could begin to sing

The story of the journey from the very beginning

To this point where we are returning to original brilliance.

All water everywhere, surrounding and pouring through our bodies and souls

Is listening to this music and remembering the purity of being whole,

Spinning and swirling with the living magic of galaxies

Dancing through the night with the joy of radiance.

d. 2.29.2020

Don Lax
Don Lax
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Don Lax
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