race for peace


race for peace

I want to be content for the rest of my life

I want joy to settle like a thick coat of dust

I pray no one comes to clean it up

I want to breathe in the sun’s rays

All its color and warmth

I want to run as far as I can

Just to reach the closest fragment of peace

I’ll be satisfied with just a sliver of hope

Anything that sweet can be made to last a lifetime

The first conscious breath I take every morning

Would be a sigh of relief

Not the sharp inhale of bracing myself for what’s to come

I’d hit the ground running

My clumsy feet wouldn’t stop me from moving so fast

Who said you couldn’t fall to the feet of peace with a few scratches?

Let me fall a thousand times

Let my knees crack at by the incredible impact of grace

Let my winded lungs stretch out and take in the aroma of contentment

Let the dust be pleasing

The horizon is grey

Sometimes that stops me

I halt my pace to catch my breath

Spread my arms out wide

The tips of my finger reaching forward

Craving the warm spot I’m searching for

In my stillness my heart beats fast

I step closer and closer


Patiently waiting


Grateful for the progress I have made so far

The cool air helps me to decompress

I rest

I charge myself with more hope

Before I know it

The sky bursts in color

There I go again


Hoping to race all my life for a peace that is overflowing

Addy K. Cruz
Addy K. Cruz
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