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Quiet Nights

Love in the Night

By John M Edwards JrPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Quiet Nights
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As I think of you, I'm wishing you a life, full of quiet nights, romance, eating popcorn, sipping wine, and watching movies. Our bodies are glowing in the candlelight and flowing to the sound of ocean waves. The silence of the night is disturbed only by pants and signs of passion in sexual ecstasy. Fulfilling each other's desire, we lovers delight. Oh quiet night. Come sweet quiet night. Lying back in your lover's arms, cheek to cheek, thigh to thigh, my arms wrapped around you, palms against your thighs. My moist forefinger, flicking against your swollen clit, your breast all perked and my prick so thick, throbbing with anticipation of what awaits. You turn towards me, putting your legs around my waist. Your firm breast all in my face. You moan as I nibble the tip of your tit, as you slide upon your joy stick. You’re sliding back and forth with jaunting jabs, each time peeling me back further than before. Trying to see who will be the first to shoot the juice, all the while begging to cum some more. I assist with my fingers, grabbing tight on your ass. This joy ride I'm enjoying, and will continue to enjoy all night long, night after night. Come quiet night.

Thinking of you darling,


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John M Edwards Jr

Born in San Francisco, CA. Son of a preacher. After committing my life to Jesus Christ, I noticed the letter I wrote to God had rhyming lines. That became my first poem.

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  • Babs Iverson5 months ago

    Well done!

  • Gina C.5 months ago

    So beautiful!

  • Nice one❤️😉📝👣

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