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They say you will never learn if you don't ask, but how do we learn if 'curiosity killed the cat?'


What are we doing?This on and off is so off-puttingI can’t put my finger on it butI get the feeling we’reThroughLike your words to my heartThey pierce and I bleedBut where’s the exit wound?

Why are you here?Like an instrument you play meMy inability to say no is your favorite string to strum; it’s so fucking dumbI can’t figure out your angleWhat’s right and what’s wrongIt’s completely obtuseI need your Love but I need me back

When will we be?Us is the concept I’ve come toLong for our bond, I believe we’re truly meant to beBut how can we be if I cannot be me?Your strength is plenty and I feel the weightWith every pushbackI’m not one to fold so we just keep onForcing something that I fear to admit ended a long time ago

Where do you stand?Other than on my throatAlways silenced so you’ll never knowOnly when I can no longer take the quietBut when you can no longer control your rageBesides pressed on my heartYou aim to hurt and it brings you pleasureDo I matter at all or do you smile as I wither?

love poems
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