"Within the Forbidden Forest there is no king..."


Within the Forbidden Forest there is no king

The Queen’s demands through the universe ring

How dare the weak ask why just a Queen

The Queen of Darkness’s powers are yet to be seen

Take example from the world you love so much

From the creatures you can see but don’t dare touch

The Queen bee strikes out the commands

No worker bee dares question the demands

Even in the ant farm they answer to a Queen

No one ever questions about a king

Look into a jungle more proof you will find

It is the lioness that hunts and lion that binds

The most vicious of them all is the crocodile

But even the females there are not in denial

They protect the young even of their preys

They lead them back to safety with such strange grace

God gave a brain but poor fools you use it not

You don’t understand the treasures you got

Trying to undermine the beauty of a Queen

When all her wonders are clearly seen

We are the ones that keep you down on earth

Hell it is a women that gave you birth

This Queen is tired of all the fuss

It’s not us that needs you, it’s you who needs us

But before the Queen of Darkness is done putting you in your place

A few more things to wipe that doubt off your face

No one remembers the name of a Pharaoh but we all know Cleopatra

Even in history the force to be reckoned with was Zenobia

Even in India you will hear the tales of Lakshmibai

Walk into a room with any of them and they’d make you cry

Even with a world full of comedians the most famous is Oprah Winfrey

Even Ellen Degeneres wins the spot light though she is care free

Even before Jesus there comes the name of mother Mary

Challenge any of these women and the results can be scary

No one even mentions a king when talking about the Queen of England

So remember the women in your lives aren’t slaves they’re God sent

As for the women who speak ill of one another

What more can I say to challenge you further

We can’t demand respect from men if we can't respect ourselves

We are powerful women of the future not house elves

Stop looking down on each other and build each other up

The time for listening is over, now it’s time to stand-up

The Forbidden Forest will forever live strong

Because the power of a women can never go wrong

So beware darlings that challenge our grace

As it will be the Queen of Darkness that you will then face

Never tell a women how to behave or what she should do

Because regardless of her choices, she is still better than you

Bazal Morani
Bazal Morani
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Bazal Morani

A strong believer in women's rights, I have joined with Queens and Future Queens to empower the women in our community. Professionally, I am a business consultant with a background in education. I love to empower and inspire.

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