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Que Sera Sera

The Past, Present, Future

By Tracie SperlingPublished 10 months ago 2 min read

Title:Que Sera Sera

Whatever will be, will be.

Do what will set you free.

The future is not ours to see.

Live in solitude.

Do not have an attitude.

Feel the present moment

Sing a sonnet.

Live, Love, Laugh. Do not let time pass.

Otherwise, your life will flash

and everything will go by fast.

Cherish the memories.

Keep it in your heart.

Do not let connections fall apart.

Accept things for the way they are with no regret.

The future do not fret.

Nothing is set in stone.

The past cannot be undone.

History is shaped every day in our daily lives marking each era where a new generation is introduced.

Any change can not be reproduced.

From the prehistoric period of the dinosaurs who roamed the world They were old but took center fold. There was survival of the fittest. Caveman creating the beginnings of technology as far as tools along with other works of survival where communication is first developed where you don’t need a translation to have a deep relation.

For instance their form of reading and writing, was used as a symbolism.

Where we were able to look through their world with a prism.

Later on, advanced literature was created through the loyal era when colonies were built in England and France.

People seemed to be in a religious trance questioning values by playing a game of chance.

Explorers traveled the sea they wanted to flea to be carefree (especially Columbus in 1492) from then on other events followed shaping our society. Unfortunately, some died trying.

Now, we live in the present with advanced technology making things easier and more convenient.| We live each moment to the fullest while having hopes and dreams for the future. I believe everything happens for a reason. Some people only stay for a season. Three worlds are intertwined the past, present and future…although, you can never go back to change anything only if fate allows it(meaning it was meant to be as far as love.) It’s wonderful when two lives become intertwined where each person compliments the other(during the good and bad times.) Sometimes history can repeat itself for the better. However, there is no such thing as forever. I believe you should look ahead but, don’t be blind to what’s in front of you. Take advantage of every opportunity that’s available for happiness and fulfillment.

Que Sera Sera

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