Purple Mirror, Purple Soul

by Marianna H 2 years ago in heartbreak

What is love in a teardrop?

Purple Mirror, Purple Soul

What is love in a teardrop—

Something sicker than the plaque

Touch your index to a mountaintop

and create an avalanche, beauty you intend to break

You're dirty

with your flirty little quirks and

I'm hurting

as the mirror sees

my blue eyes mix with your love that flees

purple in my mirror

purple in your soul

and this smudge only makes things clearer

to feel around the edges of this hole

"Keep your purple away"

I know you heard me say

but we knew your promises were ever too lovely to play

Your honesty was dishonest

and I know why you left

you play a game with slender fingers of theft

don't think

use instincts

be wicked

like he

trust yourself; you've got eyes, precious eyes from the sea

the boy will hurt you

with his soul up in flames

Hot red, Cold blue

hell is wild never tamed

we don't mix well

Hot red and cold blue

"I don't kiss and tell"

No, no, nothing of him is true

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