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a love poem

By Miss RiggiePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Ben Maguire on Unsplash

I am blue and deeply so

My thoughts, oceanic

Enough to make one seasick

Sway with the tide that builds from below

Watch the dreams of us shimmer and glow

With ancient sunken stories

and shifting sand beliefs

that paint colours across dangerous coral reefs

that bloom in my mind

but you still dive

Riding with the undertow

Into all I am, and all I know

Letting it flow through

The reflection in the blue of your eyes,

And there I see, I recognise,

That swirling maelstrom of me.

I wonder, how deep does it go?

You are red, burning, bleeding true

Smouldering, soldiering on

through the dirt like lava

Charging through the earth

Carving your path to get back home,

But determined to build your own

Searching for steady lands, kind hands

Only stopping when you find

A kiss from lips laced with wine

as red and sweet as mine

And you allow me to climb

From the stones to the peak

Of the mountain you made

Oh, if you could see this view

How the stars look on with envy

Of the bright, burning majesty of you.

I wait for your molten hands

to reach my sea

to enter me

Spilling hot, turning to rock

Boiling, gushing, crashing, breaking

A Crescendo of our genesis

Bound together in all our elements

We erupt into a plume of smoke

And in that perfect purple cloud,

we float.

love poems

About the Creator

Miss Riggie

Artist | Writer | Lover | Fighter

Born in Sydney, Australia, I write about what inspires me, to inspire others. Poetry, stories, deep introspective works, the lot! MUSE POWERS ACTIVATE!

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