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Prologue - “Tastefully Done”

“Tastefully Done”Book

By JPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

“Being a person that enjoys …. Physical pleasure, it’s only fitting & right that I share my thoughts on the matter. Never forget: it only takes the right one to bring out that level of desire, arousal, & curiosity in you. The experiences you can create are rather … magical & satisfying. But also never forget: Sex is a natural part of Life, but it is still a sacred bond in the art of energy exchange, so be mindful of how & whom you share these moments with. I hope we all are able to experience these moments in our lives but I understand that it’s not possible for everyone so I wrote this book for those … curious, to give you an insight on the “Mind Of Freak”. Keep in mind that these are fictional stories. So with that being said, please, enjoy yourself… (take that as you will)”

- Jacob

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- Jacob

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