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Prisoners of Ideology

Enslaving Mankind

By Dan R FowlerPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 1 min read

Prisoners of Ideology

Day after day, deep down inside,

I want to be positive and not chide.

But life isn’t always fair or so I’ve been told,

The proof of the pudding is unquestionably cold.

From sun up to sundown and everywhere in between,

Inequity in all of its forms runs rampant visibly seen.

But what to do is the greatest question we all must ask,

When it’s obvious that it’s planned and will always last.

No matter the color, the race, or the ancestry,

People will always be pitted against each other sadly.

The reason far be it from me to understand and judge,

Has created the divisions, the chatter, the rub.

No matter the number of marches or parades,

The shadow behind us can’t always hide its blades.

Its purpose isn’t clear, its tactics often unseen,

But the strife it creates is nasty and unclean.

Why not just leave us alone and go your own way,

Let us find our destiny one that is presented each day.

For to continue to control us, rule us, enslave us all,

Will, in time, create a people of rage defending our cause.

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Dan R Fowler

Dan R. Fowler. https://www.amazon.com/Verge-Dan-R-Fowler. Completed 41 novels since 2017. Screenplay being shopped by Voyage Media, LA, CA


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