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with Mélanie Diam's

By Francis LPublished about a year ago 1 min read
"Salam" - welcome in these lines set for praying, hold by Mélanie


you may.

You may stay

you may play

Take a day

search your way ;

Take your time

with your hand

Sound the chime

hug the land ...

"A force de courir"(/"(set) Because of running") - meditating song, 2022

How to choose my way ?

What is happiness ?

Why's the world so gray ?

Why's so much sadness ?

"L'éveil"(/"The waking") - meditating song, 2022

Remember the past

First paces in life,

Finally what lasts ?

Some thoughts look like knifes.

"DJ (/India)" - 2003, musically inspired by "Sway (Quien Sera)" of Pablo Beltran Ruiz, Luis Demetrio & Dean Martin, 1953-54

"So many people lied

made me cry ;

The child in me has died

no more shy' !"

"Si c'était le dernier ..."(/"If that was the last ..."), 2009, a ten-last-minutes-rap-song about the burying of some Petter-Pan dreams

Feel now where you are

Sense the soil, the wind

things that will rescind.

Think of who you are.

"Je me sens coupable"(/"I feel guilty"), 2022, clip of a documentary movie (100k + entries)

What looks before ?

What looks behind ?

What's to say more ?

What's in my mind ?

"Face au vide"(/"Toward vacuum"), 2022

The answers are into you

The path you'll seek is your choice,

Let words spark inside of you

Dare to say few with your voice ;

"Matumayni" (well mysterious word), 2022

As you lay,

now you may

just display

off this ray ;

For today

stop to pray.

"Encre noir"(/"Ink black"), 2022

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Imam-by-singing, former rapper matching with Eminem, Diam's - or Mélanie Georgiades - chose a simple life in writing and Islam, after a hard depression and having carried babies (hers and loved ones).

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