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By Vicki Lawana Trusselli Published 3 months ago 2 min read

You are the captain of my heart.

You rule me.

You make me feel free.

You are the fire in my soul.

You light up my way.

You are the reason I get up every day.

Love is not enough.

We need more.

We need the power to open every door.

We need power to face every challenge.

We need the passion to make our dreams come happen.

We need love and power, power and love.

That's what we're fighting for.

You are the captain of my heart.

Inspire me,

You make me see

melody in my voice.

Sing with me,

the reason I have a choice to be me.

Sometimes we disagree.

Sometimes we argue.

Sometimes we hurt each other.

Sometimes we are blue.

We always find a way to see it through.

We know that we are stronger when we are two.

Power of love


Love and power

of the soul

is larger than life

when two people meet,

fall in love

from the heavens above,

blessed to find

the power of love

to remain

in love today through

all of time of the reality

of power to love.

Power to love is the power of life,

as well as all strive

to be in love of life

of ourselves with one.

To be as one,

to be alone,

to be as one with one,

love and power of two

to make it through

the past, the present, future of blue

skies of life

is a challenge to stay as one.

So, power is to stay in love


split from the two,

to be only one of separate lives,

to live life strive for power and love of life.

Does it take power to love


love to have power?

It takes power to love everyone.

Who can be trusted?

Who is true?

To be in love and light

of the dark and the light

of the light and dark

takes time

to drain one of love.

Love all,

short and tall,

to observe all before we can become one

of power to love.

So, I sit on my sandbox of dreams.

Nothing is as it seems.

Kisses of time and humanity

of love and hate,

thin line exists according to fate.

The universe brings two souls together,

to exist as one

through all weather.

I saw you my captain of the sea

of the tides of the past, the present, future.

We lay between oceans of love.

Power of the universe,

to love, to kiss.

We sit on the sandbox of life.

The tides crush our sandbox.

Now we are two souls not one.

Promises to keep,

to cross your heart,

hope to live not die.

Life happens,

out of control,

to be bold,

to retain our power,

i must retain my own power to love

the people who flow into my life

of strife.

Love is not enough.

We need more.

We need power to open every door.

We need power to face every challenge.

We need passion to make our dreams happen.

We need love and power, power and love.

That's what we are fighting for.



DECEMBER 2, 2023

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About the Creator

Vicki Lawana Trusselli

I worked for the music and film industry in Los Angeles, California and Austin, Texas. I studied nursing, journalism, art, film, and computers in college. I am an empath, Virgo; Leo moon rising, born on the cusp of Libra. I am 74 years old.

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  • Mariann Carroll2 months ago

    Very captivating poem . Love is certainly power

  • randy Davidson 3 months ago

    I find out that I can love again thanks Vicki, did you get my text on tribel app

  • I found this to be very deep and thought provoking. I read it a few times!

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