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Polar Park Pews

An inverse outlook

By Tracy Kreuzburg Published 2 months ago 1 min read
Polar Park Pews
Photo by Ken Steele II on Unsplash

Seated on the crosswise bench
the stately man chewing tobacco
ogled and embarrassed
my young and patient mother

with my blanket drawn closer to me
seated on mama's skirted lap


he wasn't taught why it was wrong


though the nation obstensibly decrys rape
this man was well-regarded

except by women who knew him,
he was feared

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About the Creator

Tracy Kreuzburg

I love reading, writing and storytelling, and using stories to convey truths. I feel this is a platform that will encourage me to write my stories, I also have an interest in connecting written work to art.

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  • J2 months ago

    Three cheers for shame reversal!

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