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by Zarinabanu Zarinabanu about a year ago in love poems
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I love you so much I love you so much

Start writing... The green color is pleasing, the grass laughs,The young veins of the leaf are also green The nostrils of the parrot seen on the branch Tongue brand new blood rose The foot of a child who has not touched the earth All red in the yellow fiery furnace that grinds your angry twilight sky Buddha, the killer flower born with gold,The emerald yellow of the bathing evening moon is all in your heart.The waveless abyssless sky, the peacock's vase drenched in purple flowers The poured color all together glistens in your eye The color of the night is the total color of the carcass The eyes of a woman writing, the sight of a crow in a cage, Veil's singing and Quill's color are all together The color of the hair is white The black rainbow in half What black, white eyes when you come too It was only when you blinked that both became colored that I knew I was alive Do not close your eyes and smile like this. It is changing day and night at the same time.I woke up to hear the way in the darkness of your eyes Only after you show the light without knowing the directions I am shocked. Cloud collision Sky injured Third bird collision Rock not moving The moon is not clever in the colliding sky But I fell when your eyes collided Retail scattering, intimidation, and the threat of lightning coming from the sky Bright, cloudy breeze blowing Excessive magazine environment can become cruel Full of that moment to be with you in happy love I am going to change you in the eyes of your memories Carrying love and carrying eyelids in tears Waiting I relocated my heart to my world I felt the bitterness of love I am waiting in the section One of the blessings that will not leave me in your dream I would have seen that only give and take Put you on my eyelids and my eyelids Above all my baby eyelids were butterflies My heart is pounding my heart is pounding my The petals are colored flowers The first rainbow color your magnetic eyes saw Why are you bending over to wear a scarf ? Twilight time ! Rainy sky !.under the umbrella ! Moon favorite umbrella !. Passed me You were kidnapped while going !. I was out of breath for a moment !. I went speechless despite the language!. I changed the way I open my eyes ! With the pain of knowing the way I was !. Wake up, dream lost,I fluttered my wings, made a croaking noise and dropped dead If you come. I will continue to be behind the shadow !. If you think of a weight I will forget you for the rest of my life

love poems

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Zarinabanu Zarinabanu

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