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Poemosaurus Rex's Joyful Journey

Rhymes and Revelry in a Land of Delight

By Willow PeddyPublished 27 days ago 1 min read
Poemosaurus Rex's Joyful Journey
Photo by Robert Lukeman on Unsplash

In a land where time stood still,

Lived Poemosaurus Rex on a sunny hill.

With scales that shimmered, green and bright,

He filled each day with pure delight.

Poemosaurus loved to rhyme,

He'd craft new poems all the time.

From morning light to evening glow,

His joyful verses flowed and flowed.

"Good morning, sun!" he'd often say,

"Let's make this such a splendid day!"

With every word and every cheer,

He spread his joy far and near.

Through verdant fields he'd prance and play,

Rhyming all along the way.

With flowers blooming at his feet,

His happiness was quite complete.

He'd gather friends from far and wide,

To share his joy, they'd all reside.

In laughter, song, and poetry,

They'd dance around the ancient tree.

"Dear friends, come close and hear my tale,

Of breezy winds and ships that sail,

Of stars that twinkle in the night,

And dreams that soar to boundless height."

With every verse, their spirits soared,

They felt the magic in each word.

For Poemosaurus, wise and kind,

Spread love and light through heart and mind.

The animals would gather 'round,

To listen to his joyful sound.

With every rhyme, their worries ceased,

Their hearts were filled with endless peace.

"Life is grand," he'd often say,

"In every single, wondrous way.

So cherish every moment's grace,

And wear a smile upon your face."

As twilight painted skies with gold,

His tales of joy were gently told.

With stars above and friends below,

The love of Poemosaurus Rex would grow.

In that land where dreams came true,

Where skies were always clear and blue,

The Poemosaurus Rex would stay,

Spreading happiness every day.

So if you ever feel alone,

Remember his sweet, cheerful tone.

For Poemosaurus, through his rhymes,

Reminds us of the joyful times.

And in our hearts, his spirit stays,

A beacon in the darkest days.

With every rhyme, his legacy,

A joyful song for you and me.

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About the Creator

Willow Peddy

I am a 24yr old, looking for something in life to bring a spark of excitement and bring back my artistic and imaginative flare :)

I have strange and crazy dreams and people always tell me to write them down so here goes my dream diary!

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  • Antoinette L Brey27 days ago

    uplifting poem

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