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Poem Written on the Way Home

A Note of Gratitude

By Omotara JamesPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Poem Written on the Way Home
Photo by Ethan Sykes on Unsplash

You whom I have knelt inside

You whom has witnessed it all

Please, let me adorn you with offerings

of tulips, dahlias, roses, daisies

You hold every arrangement of joy

In my dreams I have heard your giggle

In my dreams you have watched me fly

You welcome every song and joy

Outlast each new disappointment

Sit silent with my fears

You keep vigil during periods of illness

I have bleed beneath in every room

My laughter has climbed every ceiling

You have sheltered both lover and ghost,

allowing each a place

You allow me the space to contemplate

Imagine a kindness I don’t feel today

Take up as much space as I please

Your closets hold my dreams

And my thin and fat clothes

You, who have given shape

to my suffering. I have worn you

Like a cloak. I have loved you

where you were worn,

I wear you still.

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About the Creator

Omotara James

Omotara James is the author of “Song of My Softening,” from Alice James Books. A multidisciplinary artist, she creates as a means to preserve joy, confront the past and free herself of it.

Follow @omotarajames & inquire at omotarajames.com

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