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Poem 8

by Gentherly Coronado 4 years ago in love poems

Beautiful Little Thing

There is nothing more beautiful than you, my precious little thing.

I want to protect you with all my heart, never letting anything in the world bring you into harm’s way.

I want to bring you peace so you can sleep well each night, so for you I must sing.

There’s nothing in the whole wide world that can make me go away from you, and with you I will always stay.

I know someday you’ll have to leave me and you’ll have to find yourself, and I’m hoping Positivity is what life will bring.

The world can be so cruel because it takes those we love, but for now you are young, and you must go play.

I know things in the real world can be tough, and sometimes you won’t be able to take them so well, and your heart might sting.

But, my beautiful little thing, please try to strive because the least you can do is become stronger and more understanding everyday.

love poems

Gentherly Coronado

I love to write poetry, and it can be quite dark at times. One thing about all of it, is that it comes from my heart. Everything I write is based on my life, and hopefully some of my words touch someone’s heart.

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Gentherly Coronado
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