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By AmanPublished 6 months ago ā€¢ 1 min read
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Oh! So Sweet Delight,

A feeling so warm and right,

An emotion that we all adore,

Filling us up to our very core,

It comes in many forms, you see,

All around us, waiting to be.

The pleasure of love,

So pure and true,

The touch of a hand,

The kiss of dew,

A connection so deep,

It's hard to construe,

But when felt,

It leaves us anew,

The pleasure of laughter,

So bright and bold,

The sound of joy,

It never gets old,

It lifts us up,

Out of the cold,

A feeling of Happiness,

We all hold,

The pleasure of music,

So sweet and true,

The rhythm and beat,

It flows through,

Taking us on a journey,


Pleasure So Sweet,

The sayings are true,

I might be wrong,

I might be true.

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Simple Poet, i mostly write poems that have meaning.

I might also write articles...

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