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by cookie foot 4 years ago in heartbreak
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I'm emo.

God, I hope I was something different.


refreshingly new to you,

in this mundane gray world.

I hope I was Red,

deep and beautiful.

artwork painted on the inside of your eyelids.

Something different.


don't tell me I was just another body.


don't say I am nothing new.


don't tell me you are colorblind.

I hope the corners of my skin

were the pages to a story

you've never read.

I hope that as your fingers

outlined my story,

you fell in love with the words.


do not tell me you've read this before.


do not say my words were nothing.


do not turn the page and forget about me.

I hope I meant something.

In the world of our love,

your attention is my currency,

and I'm broke.

I have given you

everything I have.

every last penny pulled from the deep pockets of my heart.


don't leave me out on the streets.


don't let me starve.


give me something, anything.

I want to escape the suffocation of boring.

I want to build the walls to a place only we can reach.

A place where the only form of entertainment

is the writing on our skin

and colors on our eyelids.

A place in your heart.

A place that means something.

A place where I mean something.

Something different.


About the author

cookie foot

writing is my therapy don't bully me

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