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Play Pretend

by Incipient Poet 4 years ago in heartbreak
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Letting go of you is trying to erase a permanent marker from a dry erase board.

I let your memory

Sink into my skin

And I can almost smell the scent of you

When I draw breath through my nostrils.

I close my eyes and wrap my arms around myself

And let imagination take control

Losing touch of the cold air around

And feeling your arms holding me.

Keeping me safe.

I let my reality completely fade away

As I hear you say, " We will make it through."

I can't swallow the lump in my throat,

As I try to open my flooding eyes

And allow reality to come shining through unpleasantly

Illuminating the ugly truth undeniably.

"Just one more minute,

I'll open my eyes in just one moment."

I say half way to you in my mind

And half to my empty room.

So I wait for countless moments awaiting the moment I am ready to let go..

~ Incipient Poet


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Incipient Poet

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