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Plant Matter


By MegPublished 10 months ago • Updated 10 months ago • 1 min read
Plant Matter
Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

I grew from a seed

Earth, sun, mother.

Chaos, consciousness, order.

There was nothing

Until there was

In a mere moment

A warm burning energy

consuming all previous space.

The passion of birth, order and life.

This new reality,

Eating away at the corpse

of last nights idea of me.

A new energy ignited

And set me free

From a suffocatingly hard shell.

Today my stem is straight,

Since last night

Soft green met an unmoved abyss.

There was resistance within

To change.

Layer upon layer.

Grime, filth, dust

Covered my head, my body.

Until finally I broke through.

Peeking out I saw the world

With fresh green eyes

From earth's warm blanket.

Life above the soil is cold.

Some nights the rain pours.

I bare it alone.

Letting droplets wash over me

cold, abrasive, uncomfortable.

The discomfort is almost unbearable.

Some days

I want to wilt away.

Let my corpse become compost

to the forest floor.

But I let myself grow.

leaves unfurling, stem extending.

Blossoms blooming.

Radiating, vibrant, full of life.

///Thanks for reading :)

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I'm here to explore the depth of human experience and to stop procrastinating my passion.

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Comments (4)

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  • Annie Edwards 4 months ago

    Another absolutely beautiful piece 💜

  • Andrei Z.10 months ago

    So nicely captured, Meg! I'm left with one question: what plant is it? From what I gathered: you mentioned the forest floor (not a rose then), unfurling leaves (not a pine), the blooming bossoms (not a ginkgo tree), and it that it has a hard shell. My guess would be that it's a walnut:D

  • Wonderful 💚💥😉💯📝👍

  • Paul Stewart10 months ago

    Wowowow. Meg. You never cease to amaze me with your powerful use of the English language. There are far too many great lines to pick up, but the whole piece is just amazing - powerful and emotive.

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