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Places, Everyone!

Comfort reveals itself in simple acts

By Catherine KenwellPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Places, Everyone!
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

<Act 1>

Morning, I awake

Inhale, life again,

I’m still here.

<Act 2>

Shuffle my sleepy-block feet

to the end of the bed to

find slippers, fuzzy or not,

depending on the season

and robe, cotton or flannel,

summer or fall.

<Act 3>

Descending stairs,

one by one, thinking

Might I turn on the fairy lights

curled around the rails?

Fairy lights on a random

Tuesday morning, why not,

why wait?

<Act 4>

Old dog struggles

to his feet, tail wagging,

smiling, good morning human

I’ve been waiting for you,

and snuggles his snout between my knees

suggesting the greeting, sprawling cat

at my feet has nothing to offer.

Cat, why? I am goodest boy.

<Act 5>

The stage is set,

dog, cat, final act, human.

Good morning, darling,

how did you sleep?

A kiss, a long warm embrace,

double sighs to welcome

the gift of this random Tuesday.

Interrupted, of course,

by the dog, nosing his way between us,

center of the love party.

<Act 6>

Places, everyone!

Dog, enters stage right,

Cat, flops on floor, meows greeting,

rolls over and yawns,

Humans enter, smile, embrace, it’s a

“Good morning,” they say.

Laughing, human says, let me pour you

a coffee, and I smile

because it is always the same.

Director's Note:

It's all so predictable. Routine.

Such comfort in these simple, small acts.

performance poetry

About the Creator

Catherine Kenwell

I live with a broken brain and PTSD--but that doesn't stop me! I'm an author, artist, and qualified mediator who loves life's detours.

I co-authored NOT CANCELLED: Canadian Kindness in the Face of COVID-19. I also publish horror stories.

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  • Dawn Salois2 years ago

    I loved the format you used for this!

  • Tiffany Gordon 2 years ago

    This is delightful & Well-written! I also love the layout! Very well done!

  • Haha Mariann, it does sound like an ad!

  • Mariann Carroll2 years ago

    Hah, the comfort of waking up in the morning. Sweet. You poem felt like up in a forgers coffee commercial.

  • #KristinaWrites2 years ago

    So relatable. I like your writing style :)

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