by Sarah U 2 years ago in sad poetry

A Short Poem About Being Brokenhearted


We were tight

We were best friends

We were always together

When you thought "it" was the best

I joked in disgust

You started to drift away

Our knot loosened

You won your girls

While I was there losing

Then one day you came back

I thought everything was back to normal

Then you spiked my drink

And something happened

I woke up the next day with you gone

I sat there heartbroken and worn

In the note, you said I was nothing but a quickie

Nothing more, Nothing less.

I pitied myself when I thought you were the best

But I couldn’t help but notice how jealous when guys talked to me

I had been forgotten, but you had been replaced

And NOW I think you should know your place.

sad poetry
Sarah U
Sarah U
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