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Pale Penumbra

By Jennifer Lorraine - Bloch McGeePublished about a year ago 1 min read
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Pixies - pushing past preternatural park perimeters -

peddle puddles, providing pleasure.

Peppa's, plus people's, play precipitated - persnickety persons

percolate - per pervasive, pesky pixies!

Peevishly preclaiming, particular people presage pandemonium.

Pacifists, promenading peacefully, peal perky pleasantries.

Pixies, plucking pansies,

play pretend. Pushing past partitions produces

predictions, propagating peripheral puddles.

Patterned, picayune ponds promote playful pixies parades.

Prefer proof?

Pivotal play precedes paramount perpetuity.

Prudent pacifists prevail.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Jennifer Lorraine - Bloch McGee

*Imagination is the plaything of fairies. Without imagination we are doomed*

My heart and soul goes into my writing. If I don't bleed a little, I haven't done it right.

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    Jennifer Lorraine - Bloch McGeeWritten by Jennifer Lorraine - Bloch McGee

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