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Pisces Passion

In love with love, we drown ourselves

By Suzy Jacobson CherryPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
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There is a river

In my soul

That flows

Constant, black

Brackish pools

Along its shore.

It is there where

I founder, there

Where I find my loves,

The sick, sweet

Scent of sex beneath

The dying oaks, the

Mistletoe overcoming

The holy trees.

I fall deep, deep

Within the darkened

Pools, the ever

Swirling waters

Below suck my love,

My love, my aching

Lonely passion.

I hear the river’s

Waters call –

“Move on, move on

the eddying pool will

suck you, suck your

dreams, destroy your

inner being

come to us, the white

waters call, come

let us toss you bruised

and bleeding upon the rocks.

Love, deep love will

Drain you, drown

You, lose your will

The pools will keep you deep

Deep is the

Grave of your passion

Come to us, and

We will show you life –

Your blood, your pain

Your ever piercing

Screams will

Keep you


Pisces, I untangle the

Grasping weeds and

Free myself, returning

To the river, and toss

Myself, crazed war witch,

Upon the jagged

Rocks of passion

Here I will wail

Until called again,

Sweet siren, to

The deadly pools




© 1 July 1994 by Suzy Jacobson Cherry

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About the Creator

Suzy Jacobson Cherry

Writer. Artist. Educator. Interspiritual Priestess. I write poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and thoughts on stuff I love.

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  • HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)7 months ago

    Nice piece ❤️📝

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