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Piercing Sight For Heights

That's an eagle's sight

By Ishola TajudeenPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

In realms where heavens embrace the land,
Where nature's majesty holds command,
A creature so noble takes to flight,
With piercing gaze and unwavering might.

Behold the eagle, wings outstretched wide,
Gliding through currents with grace and pride,
A sentinel of the boundless skies,
Where dreams take flight and freedom lies.

Oh, the eagle's sight, keen and true,
A lens that captures life's vibrant hue,
From lofty heights, it surveys below,
Unveiling secrets hidden in shadows.

Its eyes, like sunlit orbs of gold,
Witness tales that time has yet to unfold,
They pierce through darkness, undeterred,
To seek the truths that lie unheard.

Majestic mountains and valleys grand,
Reflected in eyes of the noble band,
Each feather, a stroke of nature's art,
Painting portraits of a world apart.

Through rugged cliffs and stormy weather,
The eagle soars, bound by no tether,
Its vision honed, its spirit ablaze,
A symbol of freedom that never decays.

Oh, let us learn from the eagle's might,
To soar above with unwavering sight,
To embrace the heights, where dreams take flight,
And bathe in the glory of boundless light.

For in the eagle's sight, we find,
A spirit unyielding, brave and kind,
A reminder to reach for the skies,
And let our souls ascend, free to rise.

performance poetrynature poetry

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