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On their social media halls

By CrownMasqueradePublished 7 months ago 2 min read
Pictures, Pictures, Pictures
Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

I'm tired of being a wallflower, a silent portrait in your social media hall of fame and whatnot. A collage of captured moments not my own but from a collection of frowned souls tortured to smile and voice silenced until you get a good picture.

You can’t just use me as a backdrop, I’m not here for your convenience. I'm a person, not a prop. And I demand my own significance.

When you get those bad days, I'm the one you call, your go-to guide, your big ol’ pal you’re confident would compromise. Without even a thank you when you walk out that door after I console you for your faults. Comfort you when you fall, you don’t even look at me. You just want me to listen to your bragging rights, like, why you’re the main hero in this fight and everyone else is a villain. You don’t even take a moment of respite.

I'm more than just a safety net I’m not here for your every call-to-action. I'm a heart, not a doormat, and I deserve recognition, after all.

You can’t just post me saying good things about me when I didn’t give you permission to put me on a pedestal. I’m not someone’s prize to flaunt to their friends to make your exes jealous. I’m not here to fix your problems that were intended for you to fix on your own. I'm tired of being taken for granted, used and tossed aside when you're through. Do I look that easy to get? I'm more than just a disposable tool, I'm a person who cared for you. Just not anymore.

I see you bragging, touting my reliability, but do you even know who I am? Have you ever asked how I feel? How I have been? If I’m doing okay too? I’m here for friendship, not your reliance.

I offered you temporary respite for you to heal from the damage, not here for your ego's ride. Keep that in mind, I’m not a means to an end.

Take them down, you have no right. Do not lie, to your friends. Do not put me up there in the heavens and do not scream my name when you face a minor inconvenience. Your answers are not people, and most certainly not me. Take a gander for a moment to see you are blessed with the keys but they open locks that take longer to breach I preach to you today that not all of us are willing. And sometimes you need to read the room, else you’ll be part of what’s written.

The person standing by your side.

Acknowledge, and appreciate them to the highest degree,

Coz’ they won’t be hidden in the shadows anymore.

They deserve the same light that they give out for free.

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