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my therapist says this is healthy

By The Fly EarthlingPublished 2 years ago 2 min read
Photo by Josh Boot on Unsplash

How can a city that never sleeps be the city of dreams?

Running through raindrops the color of streetlights

Like running through memories of you

I can’t move how the wind blows

I retreat to silence

Finding comfort in the indifference of science

I shout from the top of my mountain through an ice cream cone

It was empty. I’m not crazy.

Megaphones are insecure and overcompensate

My mailbox is full of red plums and bills from my genie

And a letter from a wishing well at Chocolate hills, full of quarters, returned to sender

The rising tide of inflation lifts all boats

And I can’t afford to keep living in the past

Overthinking is overrated Virgo star-child

I skip through treble tones in my headphones,

to find something that feels like I do

No luck

I’m not bright like the stars of Polaris

I don’t dance like the embers

September reminds me of you

I have trouble breathing underwater—

the pressure makes me second-guess myself

I set my old house on fire one night, out of spite

Broke the mirrors

Then I ran,

out of fright

I got so angry that I couldn’t control the lightning

Condolences on a note, from my landlord, on a kite string:

“How you feel, is how you feel—and I understand

The weather gets the best of us all—

sometimes : )

When we lose the things we cherish the world loses color

Most days, it feels better to fall down than get up

It’s okay to count your toes and feel your lows

Like no one knows,

but remember,

you’re not alone

Your paintbrush sits on a shelf,

in a cup

You tell yourself,

one day,

you’ll pick it up ~

Let the rain spill a palate of colors at you’re a feet

Until it drips from your clothes, heavy and soaked

May it fill the cracked pavement and make bright your scars

May it return in full, the light you thought was gone

May you know, without doubt,

somewhere — somehow

The color never left, it's just everywhere now

Your mother never left

She’s just everywhere now~

“P.S. You still owe me rent”


About the Creator

The Fly Earthling

"In a world where reincarnation is real, Y.O.L.O. has no contextual relevance." - The Fly Earthling

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