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Under His Eye

By The Fly EarthlingPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Dabbas on Unsplash

It’s like a mile taken from an inch

Tipped the shepherd who let you in

As Karma sings, “What goes around…”

Ashes, ashes…

Sympathize to victimize us

Wear disguises

Compromise our

Simple nature for your pleasure


Clever, clever

Prophets, profits, sing your praises

Taint the Saints and curse the ages

Sleight of hand a swift distraction

Censor, censor all reaction

Wipe your prints from all the glasses

Make a plate to feed the masses

Headline reads “The Choice Was Ours”

Rob the Earth and run to Mars

It’s like a mile taken from an inch

Relocate but in the end

Don’t pretend it’s not an exit

You run from everything you’ve ever known

Reify to justify

Reify to justify

It’s like a mile taken from an inch

social commentary

About the Creator

The Fly Earthling

"In a world where reincarnation is real, Y.O.L.O. has no contextual relevance." - The Fly Earthling

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