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By Only2 LegendsPublished 2 months ago β€’ 2 min read

In a world of strife and division,

Where hate and violence are the norm,

There is a yearning for a different vision,

For a world where peace can be reborn.

The path to peace may not be easy,

But it begins with each and every one of us,

Choosing to live with love and empathy,

And embracing diversity without fuss.

Let us break down the walls of mistrust,

And reach out to those who are different,

Letting go of our biases and lust,

And celebrating what makes us significant.

For in the end, we all share a common thread,

The desire for a life of happiness and freedom,

Let us work together, hand in hand,

And create a world where peace can blossom.

So let us be the change we wish to see,

And spread love and kindness far and wide,

For in the end, it is the only key,

To a world where peace can forever reside.

Peace, oh peace, where have you gone?

In this world of chaos, where do you belong?

In the midst of war and hate,

You seem so distant, so far away.

But still, I see a glimmer of hope,

A ray of light in the darkness that helps me cope.

For I know that deep down inside,

There is a longing for peace that cannot be denied.

It's in the gentle breeze that rustles the trees,

And the softness of a mother's touch that puts a child at ease.

It's in the smile of a stranger passing by,

And the shared laughter of friends that makes our spirits fly.

So let us hold on to this hope,

And strive to bring peace to this world that struggles to cope.

For though it may seem like an impossible feat,

With love and kindness, we can make peace complete.

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  • Grz Colm2 months ago

    Hi, thanks for sharing. This was a terrific poem about an important and heartfelt theme. ✨ πŸͺ Great job. I have hearted, provided insights and subscribed for more! Here is another of my recent poems, thank you for checking it out. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ https://vocal.media/poets/angelic-activation

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