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By ElsaPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by laura adai on Unsplash

I see the colors of the earth paint your face

Your eyes, such beautiful pieces of blue

Reaching up for you


Your skin, kissed gently by the sun

The wind pulling us closer

Reaching up for you

Your lips, a faint rose lightly brushed them

Arms around me, holding me tight

Freckles sprinkled your cheeks like constellations



Lips touch with warmth and yearning

Love pulsating, moons changing

Brush strokes, in a trance

Lashes tinted honey, tickle my face

Smile filled with pearls

The wind pulls us closer

love poems

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Teacher, traveler, fur baby mom, reader, and writer. I enjoy writing historical fiction stories, fiction, poetry, true crime, and nonfiction.

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    ElsaWritten by Elsa

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