Pages of life

by Crystal Rickman about a month ago in inspirational

Who shall I become

Pages of life
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Flip the page in the book of life

The next one is blank, so what shall I write

Will it be eloquent or bold and harsh

Spewing the words that come only from my heart

Or shall I paint a portrait of who I shall become

Will I be messy without a single care

My hair in a bun not going anywhere

Or will I be pretty and wear my best face

Showing the world my beauty and grace

Or should I sing a song

Out of tune and in no key

Just voicing my opinion

Singing only about me

Who shall I become on the blank page of life

Maybe a mixture of all these things beautiful and bright

Conquering the masterpiece on the next page of life

Crystal Rickman
Crystal Rickman
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Crystal Rickman

Young 45 figuring life out. I love words and feel I can express myself best when they are written.

Starting over means taking chances so why not take a chance on putting my words out there... Hoping my honesty and openness can touch people.

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