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Our Yearly Ride...

Through Dreams, Challenges, and Everyday Life

By Sugan Ya Published 5 months ago 1 min read

In the dance of the year, January bestows resolutions,

As dreams and goals unfurl with February's contributions.

March whispers hope in the moonlit night,

April's strength descends, a silent might.

May brings focus, a laser beam's grace,

June, a spectral reminder in time and space.

July's spark, self-motivation's fire,

August's distractions, a fleeting desire.

September weaves threads of confusion,

October dances with shadows, embracing illusion.

November, a melancholic procession,

December unveils reality, a stark confession.

This is our journey through the cosmic sphere,

Emotions painted in hues, crystal clear.

A shared dream, a collective trance,

Felt by all, in this dance of circumstance.

surreal poetryFree Versefact or fiction

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Sugan Ya

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  • k eleanor5 months ago

    This was so beautifully penned! Wonderful poem!

  • Awww, it's so nice that you've included all the months! Wonderful poem!

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