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Our Love Forever

Love and Relationships

By Mutahir AhsanPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In the depth of my heart,

I feel a love that's true,

A connection so strong,

Between me and you.

With each passing day,

Our bond grows even stronger,

A love that's everlasting,

And will last even longer.

We share our dreams and fears,

And trust each other with our hearts,

Our love is like a fire,

That never fades or departs.

Through thick and thin,

Our love stands the test of time,

For in each other's arms,

We find solace and sublime.

Our relationship is a journey,

Filled with twists and turns,

But together we face the world,

And our love forever burns.

For you are the one I cherish,

The love of my life and my best friend,

And in your loving arms,

I know my heart will mend.

So let us continue to cherish,

This love that we have found,

For together we are unstoppable,

Our love forever bound.

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    MAWritten by Mutahir Ahsan

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