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Our Home

by Elissa Dawson 8 months ago in love poems · updated 8 months ago
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Our place

Our Home
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Home is walking through the door

And arms are open wide

It’s taking off the outdoor mask

No problem has to hide.


Home is kicking off the shoes

Relaxing on a chair

Silence never lasts for long

Home is when you’re there.


Home is where we share the truth

Of a bad day or a dream

Home is being visible

A place where I am seen.


Home is chaos now and then

When gathering our crowd

Noisy parties, ones we love

Familiar and loud.


Home is where we take good care

To let ideas take root

I hope to nurture all your dreams

And watch your plans bear fruit.


Sometimes home is turbulent

It’s not avoiding every fight

It’s being safe to share our views

Not proving who is right.


Home is not a building

It’s nothing if pristine

It’s safety, warmth and comfort

Not somewhere to keep clean.


Home’s a place to eat, to sleep,

To dance, to write, to read

A place to look back fondly on

Wherever life may lead.

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About the author

Elissa Dawson

UK based writer and avid reader who aspires to create work that is both beautiful and meaningful.

Sustainability advocate and green ally.

I am working on a children’s novel.

Find me on Twitter: @WriterElissa

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