Our Heaven

A Sonnet

Our Heaven

Hollow is your silent grave,

Tied down to guilt you must muster all your strength and be brave,

Spent and cold you suffer all alone,

Once you held a title above for all the gods to behold,

This is your final moment of truth,

Should you lie you'll never see the light of day,

Now your time is done, this empty justice for all those you've slain,

Black magic is your doom, a dark fountain of youth,

The world above is cheering,

As your mortal death is nearing,

Your life's blood is now immortal,

Chained to the decay, just like the purple immortelle,

We will have you begging,

This world, so free and pure, a scarred heaven.

nature poetry
Wulfwaru the Lonely Writer
Wulfwaru the Lonely Writer
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