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Our Golden Haze

A beginner's romance

By Jim E. BeerPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

Our Golden Haze By: Jimmy Beer

You remember our love as a golden haze.

In the dreamy summer of our younger days.

The sunlight filtering through my lashes on down,

to your smiling face as we entwined on the ground.

I remember too, those days with you.

A beginner’s romance, yet no less true.

The flowers I brought to your door before you awoke.

The pain in my heart from the last day we spoke.

Now so many years later and our reunion has ended.

For me a dream come true, for you a curse befriended.

I know you are dying and yet I don’t care.

I’ve always longed to just be with you there.

I swore to you my unconditional love.

Even now, as the summer leaves fall from the trees above.


About the Creator

Jim E. Beer

I was raised outside of Ancaster, Ont. I write about what I know and what I've survived. I hope you enjoy what you read. Leave a comment and feel free to tip. There is an option to do so at the end of each story if you feel so inclined. Jim

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