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Ordinary Friend

by Nitu Howlader about a year ago in surreal poetry
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Friendship is art

Ordinary Friend
Photo by Lauren Richmond on Unsplash

I want an ordinary friend

Who can simply drive me insane

Who will lie and cry and quarrel with me

We will fly and lie and smile and think

When I screw all up, life goes tough

We together will lose our way

We will hide and seek

Some truths to pick

Though their behaviour is rough

We will laugh

We will be the perfect combination of happiness and sorrow

No certainty of having tomorrow

Lack of time can't vanish friendship

Our secrets will go deep and deep

Yes I wanted a very long trip

Still you can tell me a good health tip

I can never find my best

You will be there to give it a test

My happiness will cover your sorrows

A little time left , though we have added two tomorrows

Together we can have some rest

Forgot to tell you I've lost my paste

We can never die no! no! believe me it's true

You'll save me in your heart, I'll save you

We'll live separate lives having one heart

I'll never stop loving you 'cause friendship is art.

Thank you for reading this. If you enjoyed it, you might also enjoy this one too. Have a nice day.

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surreal poetry

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Nitu Howlader

Rhythm Without Regulation

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