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By Heather Donald

By Heather DonaldPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

In my dream I am as Ophelia

Waxing pale and beautiful in the moonlight

At peace I float on the crimson tide

My love blossoms as a lush garden of roses

Dripping their scarlet petals atop my satin boudoir

So much love will surely spread endless blooms for your cruel pleasure

You cut them down and watch them wither to black

Do as you are wont to do my love

No gentle plucking of a stem or two

Go about it in your savage way if it gives satisfaction

Rip the velvet blooms from their thorny moorings

Be sure to leave nothing of beauty behind, destroy everything

When there’s nothing left and everything has withered to black

Return to me and my garden will again be as lush as ever

Yours to ruin yet again

And so it is, and is, and is

love poems

About the Creator

Heather Donald

I believe in love & kindness, that we should embrace joy, sing, dance & be silly! I am a survivor, damaged but not broken. I have a lot of love to give, free of judgment and given freely because I believe love can heal the world. 💕

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