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by Kathleen Toomey 10 months ago in sad poetry

Do you know who I really am?

Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay

Do you see me?

When you look into my eyes, do you see me?

Or do you see my careful lies?

My mask of smiles.

Happy eyes.

And all of it a lie.

Do you see me?

For who I really am?

A broken mind, trapped inside this pathetic life of mine?

Am I just another person, that you see walking down the hall?

Am I something more to you?

Or am I nothing at all?

Have you ever seen me?

Seen me at my worst?

When the tears are pouring down my face and my heart's about to burst?

Have you ever seen me?

Seen me staring at the water?

Wondering how long that I'd be able to stay under?

And do you ever wonder?

What goes on inside my mind?

It's not a pleasant place to be most of the time.

So, do you see me?

See me for who I am?

Or do you think you know me, just from one judgmental glance?

You don't see me.

When you look into my eyes, you don't see me.

You see my careful little lies.

sad poetry

Kathleen Toomey

I love to write and connect with other writers. <3

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Kathleen Toomey
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