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Only God knows

"through me, you live"

By Gloria PenelopePublished 27 days ago 1 min read
Only God knows
Photo by Khamkéo Vilaysing on Unsplash

Only God knows.

You recognize me.

But you have no clue

of my whereabouts.

You don't know.


But you feel me in your presence.

Where do I come from?

Even your relatives and friends have no clue.

You all are unaware of my heritage.

You all don't know where I am from.


Everyone knows me as the wind.

You all believe that I'm from heaven.

However, you cannot prove it.

Only God knows. 

And my own self.


Sometimes I blow slowly.

Sometimes I am quick.

Nobody knows where I'm going.

Nobody can tell where I'm from.

Nobody knows


you don't know, when I will stop blowing.

I am powerful in my own way.

You are alive because of me.

You breathe my air.

You perish without my air. 


I am strong, but unknown.

I'm a healing tool.

My rage has the potential 

to completely destroy you.

through me, you live!

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Gloria Penelope

Every creative piece is just me telling a story. Enjoy my creative writing!

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran26 days ago

    This was so freaking powerful! Loved your poem!

  • A wonderful sad poetry through the wind. When I saw the picture the song I wrote about wind came into my mind.

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