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psichological fiction by P. I.

By Patty412024Published 24 days ago 1 min read

In the midst of turmoil and stormy skies,

A boy and his sister, with hopeful eyes,

Left behind the echo of parents' fight,

To seek their grandfather, their guiding light.

Through winding roads and bus's hum,

They faced an accident, fears begun.

Radio crackles, a storm announced,

Yet their spirits remained untrounced.

Dreaming of Grandpa, wise and kind,

His sister's optimism, a treasure to find.

But on the road, a sight so dire,

Their father's license plate, a symbol of prior.

The boy’s heart raced, thoughts in a whirl,

Should he write to Grandpa or alert the driver’s world?

A choice to make, courage to gather,

To speak to the police, to face the matter.

In this journey of young and bold,

A lesson in bravery begins to unfold.

Through the storm, with hearts pure and bright,

They navigate challenges, guided by light.

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