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On Frozen Ponds

The quiet magic of ice and snow

On Frozen Ponds
Photo by Dominik Dombrowski on Unsplash

There are things in this world that can make you believe in magic.

Moments truly special so hard to explain to ones who’ve never felt it.

Almost beyond words.


Life exists in the liminal spaces between these moments. But once and while something will happen that can spot time if you let.

Stepping on a fresh piece of ice in the morning is one such time. Those who have skated know the feeling. The ice is cold, and fresh, and hard.

It feels like you’re gliding across glass.

For a few seconds you’re all alone with nothing but the wind in your ears as you speed around the rink.

But, this moment can get even better.

On a cold winter morning, you can find a body of water frozen over. Thousands of kids across the northern United States and Canada do it every year.

Sometime if you’re lucky the cold will come quickly and the water freezes fast and clear.

There are few times when the world will be this quiet. There is nothing but the wind and the sound of your skates on the surface.

Sometimes it will creak and groan as the ice itself is a living thing as it adjusts to its new frozen form.

And there it is.

Standing there with the icy air stinging your lungs.

On frozen ponds.

It’s one of those moments.

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Matthew Donnellon
Matthew Donnellon
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