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By Ngozi OtoecherePublished 2 months ago 2 min read

In the cradle of time, where the sun kisses the earth,

lies a land of mystique, a continent of rebirth.

Africa, ancient and proud, beneath skies vast and wide,

Holds tales untold, where cultures and dreams collide.

From the golden sands of the Sahara's endless dunes,

To the lush, emerald forests where the equator tunes,

Africa's canvas painted with hues of rich diversity,

Where each stroke tells a story of resilience and unity.

In the heart of the Savannah, where the lion roams free,

And the rhythm of life beats in every baobab tree,

Here, the pulse of Africa drums in the dust-filled air,

Where ancestors whisper secrets, and the land's soul bares.

Beneath the acacia's shade, where elders gather 'round,

Legends are woven into the fabric of the ground.

They speak of heroes, of triumphs and of pain,

Of kingdoms risen and fallen, of empires that wane.

Oh, Africa, your history stretches far and wide,

From the pyramids of Egypt to the Zulu warriors' stride.

You've felt the chains of oppression, the scars of colonial greed,

Yet you rise like the phoenix, from every trial freed.

From the rhythmic beats of the Djembe in the West,

To the melodies of the Mbira in the East's behest,

Your music, like a river, flows through every soul,

binding hearts together, making broken spirits whole.

In the bustling markets, where colors dance and swirl,

And the scent of spices takes you to another world,

voices echo in harmony, in languages unknown,

Yet in the language of the heart, their stories are shown.

Africa, you're a symphony, a tapestry of sound,

From the whisper of the wind to the drum's resounding pound.

Your poetry is written in the footprints on the sand,

In the laughter of children, in the touch of a hand.

But amidst the beauty, there are still battles to be won,

For the wounds of the past are not easily undone.

Yet hope springs eternal, like the Nile's endless flow,

And in the heart of every African, that hope will grow.

So let us raise our voices, let us stand as one,

For Africa's journey has only just begun.

May we honor her past, and her future embrace,

And may her beauty and resilience never fade or erase.

For Africa, you are a beacon, a light for all to see,

A symbol of strength, of hope, and of unity.

In your vastness lies a beauty that words cannot contain,

Africa, oh Africa, forever shall you reign.


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Ngozi Otoechere

Reading/Writing/Love/Health/Family - Life

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