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Ode to my child

a poem about my son, who i cherish each and every day

By Jennisea RedfieldPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
Ode to my child
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

How humorous you begin to try to fancy dance,

A carefree waif that attempts to frolic, fly, and prance.

You shriek and scream with unbridled, tickling mirth,

Having such a gay and elated time on this patch of earth.

You came to me bruised, afraid and upset,

your little bottom raw, chafed, chapped, and wet.

skinny arms that resembled blushing cherry sprigs,

skinny legs that looked like knobby willow twigs.

So sickly, so pale, so weak and so frail,

a neglected child who was fighting to prevail.

whimpering kitten soft, fighting unyielding exhaust,

looking so forgotten and appearing so lost.

I held you to my body dear,

calming your fretting, fussing and fear.

Not born of my blood, not a creation of my womb;

Some days you even make me hough and fume.

But you a meekful child that is ever-so-sweet,

Smiling and laughing with soft little bleats.

Oh, my gentle infant, with breath sweetened with milk,

And copper tan skin soft as gossamer spun into silk;

My life was grey, gray and bleak,

My home felt so obsolete,

The silence flashed as an unnerving streak.

nothing in my world seemed concrete.

Suddenly, there was a gap-tooth smile,

little feet that ran for miles and miles.

Grubby hands and juice-stained lips,

Little quizzical noises that chirp and quip.

My cub, my chick, my kit.

safe in my "Den" with nary a fit.

Under my wing, close to my breast,

both our hearts now full of love and zest.

I'll keep you safe, keep you free,

casually cleaning your trail of debris.

And when the sun finally rests behind the moon,

I will hold you, humming a soothing tune.

Cradled now in my motherly arms,

If anyone brings you unneeded harm,

They will begin to feel such unending dread

As I paint the skies and earth one hundred shades of red.

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