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Ode to Mommys Monster

by Shaye B. 10 months ago in slam poetry
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12/23/2016: The Day I Learned What Unconditional Love Looked Like!

"You are a princess Mommy!"-Oscar

For you, I'll face a thousand demons

Battle any inconvenience

Rip apart

Every wound and scar

Because it's you that owns Mommys' heart

And I hate to see you cry

It rips me in two

There's nothing I wouldn't do

To shield you from my regrets and mistakes

Because the path you'll take

Is filled with your own

I wish I would guard you against them

But that's a battle you'll never face alone

So I say

Be brave

And keep that smile upon your brilliant face

You've always made mommy proud

Without trying

And Now

It's time for Mommy to return the favor

And join you

For Mommy knows you were born for greatness

But Mommy can't set the path for you

It's for you to choose

To be a champion in your own right

Painful it might


But for me

I'm proudest when watching you fly

And when you're designing your blueprint at night

With your dreams

Not mine

To My Child

With a mile long smile

I, your mommy,

Will always be proud

slam poetry

About the author

Shaye B.

Welcome to my trainwreck. I'm Shaye B and I'm pleased to make your aquaintence. I learned to read before I could talk and learned to write because I couldn't scream. I haven't quite learned to scream yet so I'll continue to write until then

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