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Ode to 'Game of Thrones'

A Poem

By Missey FinleyPublished 5 years ago 1 min read

Game of Thrones, you are going away!

Game of Thrones, you could not stay?

Game of Thrones, we will cross paths, no more.

How could you walk ... out that door.

I'm going to miss you killing off so many

It was more than ten and over twenty.

Although, you saved my favorite until the end.

Ceresi, YOU WENCH!! You will not win!

Tyrion should sit upon the throne!

But by season eight, he could be gone...

Jon Snow knows nothing, what can I say

On the frozen ground, he will probably lay.

Daenerys, thinks she is the most rightful queen.

Although, I rather have the Night King as king.

Sansa thinks she can play the game.

But Daenerys will douse your lovely, red flame.

Oh Arya, the ninja, the assassin of none.

Finish off Ceresi that killed the nun.

Jamie, you paid off your debts, but now you are through.

Give Bron his castle and women to woo.

The three-eyed raven is what they said Brom would be

But that could possibly mean he is the Night King, you see.

Children of the Leaf, you used your magics at the door

and stopped the Night King, again once more.

How could we not forget that friendly giant Hodor

Who shouted and yelled ... Hold the door! Hold the door!

Last but not least, the most epic of all,

is the Night King, his White Walkers and dragon so tall.

The Night King gathered an army, which this has deemed true

He rose a dragon like ice with eyes so blue.

The night king and his army trudge through the snow

Killing all with his dragon and minions he grows.

Will the Night King sit and rule upon the iron throne?

We will know for sure when the season is gone.

Game of Thrones, you are going away!

Game of Thrones, you could not stay?

Game of Thrones, we will cross paths, no more!

How could you walk ... out that door!


About the Creator

Missey Finley

My name is Missey and I live in North Carolina. I am a graphic designer that loves creating art. My hobbies as of now include working on my online shops and traveling when I can. I love the outdoors, nature and animals.

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