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Ode to Chetak

A poem dedicated to the legendary horse, Chetak

By Allwyn Roman WaghelaPublished 28 days ago 1 min read
Ode to Chetak
Photo by Ritik Gupta on Unsplash

In the land of Mewar, under the sun’s fierce gaze, Rode a steed of unmatched valor, worthy of praise. Chetak, the gallant horse, with coat as blue as night, Carried his master, Pratap, through many a fight.

With hooves that struck like thunder, and heart so bold, He leapt over battlefields, stories of his courage told. In the clash of Haldighati, where warriors fell like rain, Chetak’s bravery shone, through the blood and pain.

Though wounded and weary, he faltered not in stride, For the love of his rider, he cast his pain aside. Over hills and rivers, his spirit never waned, Until at last, his noble life, the heavens claimed.

Rest now, mighty Chetak, beneath the starlit sky, Your legend etched in time, as years go by. A horse not just of flesh, but of enduring fame, In the heart of Rajasthan, forever lives your name.


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Allwyn Roman Waghela

I am a professional blogger, writing about topics such as travel, food, and lifestyle thus, showcasing my creativity and communication skills.





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Comments (3)

  • Mark Graham28 days ago

    Good work and I really like these short ones.

  • angela hepworth28 days ago

    Amazing poem and story!

  • shanmuga priya28 days ago

    The noble legacy of this extraordinary horse can never be forgotten. I liked your poem.

Allwyn Roman WaghelaWritten by Allwyn Roman Waghela

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