Ode to an Existentialist

by Ayesha Javed about a year ago in slam poetry

Have you ever wondered has any other being asked, 'What is my purpose? Who am I?'

Ode to an Existentialist

My past, present, and future.

Twisted into the lines on my palm, hidden between the words I speak.

Who am I? Who can I be? Where do I want to find myself?

A new awakening, a new dawn.

Yet so far it cannot be conceived, and so near it’s only but a blur.

The dreams, the hopes, the memories!

To cherish what was and encourage what will be.

Courage or compliance?

To be a bystander or walk within.

Decision that need, attention they seek.

Strength to face them and steadiness in stance.

Hands! Shake not. Answer!

To die tomorrow, or hardly live?

slam poetry
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